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Yet another slow download thread


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I hate to start yet another of these but, what can I say, I can't work out what is going on.


I am attempting to download this torrent:

<only warning, don't link content>


Currently I'm downloading from 13 of 324 seeds and 33 of 612 peers, which has been typical over the last couple of days.

Most of the time my download rate is something in the order of 10-30 kB/s on this torrent but on occasion it climbs to 100-300 kB/s.

I tested a download of 'Slackware' and had a respectable 300 kB/s (which is as good as it ever gets in my neck of the woods).

With out an upload limit set the upload rate is something in the order of 100 kB/s but the set-up guide suggests a limit of 70 kB/s on my machine.

The set-up guide also tells me that my "Port is not open (you are still able to download)." and I tried to set up a static IP and enable port forwarding but I couldn't get it working so have gone back to my regular setup.


Generally speaking my torrent downloads are fine (as is evidenced by the "Slackware" test), it's just this one that is perplexing.

Could anyone explain what is going on here?

Even if it can't be fixed I'd like to understand what is going on as this has been going on for 2 days now.



All the best,





Here is a typical screen shot of my up/down-load speeds.


By the way, the upload speed doesn't seem to pay the 70 kB/s limit much respect :s


Edit again:

Just read the comments associated with the torrent and it seems lots of people are having the same problem with this download.

Could anybody explain why this is happening?

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Piece availability across the entire swarm is low.


Why would that be?


With almost 1000 people in the swarm I would have thought there would be plenty of opportunity to find available pieces.

Is the problem that even though there are a lot of people in the swarm the demand is still outnumbering supply?  Is that what would cause low piece availability?  Seems surprising that this would have been a problem for months.

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Yup. And it's usually caused by the number of people who try to set their upload limit as low as possible.

Fair enough.


This shouldn't be a problem with this torrent in particular though I take it.  Why would this torrent be struck by the issue and not others, and why has it been an issue for so long (several months)?

Is it because the package is particularly large (90 GB)?

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