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I am a long-time use of uTorrent and am very pleased with the software and love its versatility and features.


I use VOIP for my phone service and when uTorrent is downloading at fast speeds, it really screws up the quality of my phone call, so I have to either adjust the download bandwidth, pause all torrents, or shut uTorrent.


The fastest way to do this is go to the Windows Task Bar Notification Area and right click the uTorrent icon.  This brings up the menu to Pause or Resume All Torrents.


This was a smart feature, enabling a quick shutdown of the bandwidth so VOIP users can use their phone.  The only problem I have is 90% of the time I forget to go back and start the torrents again.  Sometimes it is a day before I realize this and I'm not seeding for that whole time.


The program Carbonite (a backup utility) has the same pause and start options on their menu, but when you hit the pause selection, it then pulls up another menu of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours.


This would be a great addition to uTorrent and would certainly make my life easier as it would be one less thing I have to remember after every phone call.


A more difficult way to do this would be for uTorrent to recognize traffic requests on other ports and slow down as needed, but that sounds too sophisticated for me to even understand.  Haha.


Thanks for a great program and I hope you consider my suggestion to facilitate a more robust user-friendly interface.




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