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How to move my own torrents (created by me) to another computer?


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Hello everyone!


I have a problem to which I can't find a solution. The situation is: I have created a new torrent using utorrent. I even uploaded it to a torrent sharing website. It works. I can see the peers and people downloading it from me. However, they cannot finnish the download (at least not in this century) due to my POOR connection and upload capability. I'm using the computer in my office, but it's not the official network, it's a free wi-fi for guests with no password here in the company, because the good one that we use is blocked for downaloads, etc.

I'd really like to move this torrent to the computer in my house. That's what I should have done in the first place. Is there how to do this without having a dead seedless torrent? Will people still be able to go to that website to which I uploaded the torrent file and downlaod it normaly?


Please, let me know.




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So, I stop the torrent in the uTorrent client, then I put in a USB the original files (once I created the torrent, I have the complete thing) and also the torrent (.torrent that I created) and take this USB to the other computer, right? Then I put the files in a folder that I choose to share with uTorrent and re-check. Is that correct?


Will the people that had already start downloading continue their donwloads normaly?


Thank you a lot!

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