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DHT: 1 nodes + all trackers timed out


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Since yesterday, for some reason and not having made any changes to any configurations, all the trackers on my torrents seem to either display "Connection timed out" or "Failure: Connection timed out". Furthermore, although uTorrent seems to say everything is fine with my connection, DHT only seems to be connected to a single node. So basically, I can't download/upload any content whatsoever.


I had a previous post in which I referred most of my trackers seemed to be timing out too. However, now all of them do.


I've tried removing and re-adding a rule on Comodo, but nothing changed.


I have also tried the Glasnost test, and it said the ISP is not interfering with my traffic.



How can this be solved, and what could have caused it?



Here are some screencaps:





My version of uTorrent is 3.4.1

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Remove and re-add the exceptions for uTorrent in your internet security software.



Though I had already done that, I did it again. I even reinstalled the firewall.

Nothing seems to have changed (other than the fact that it seems to take a little more time for uTorrent to display the green check icon on the lower right corner).

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