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Updated torrent re-used old files, no more?


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I download certain Radio shows and every month or so the same torrent gets updated and the latest files are added.
For the longest time it used to be such that uTorrent said I had to redownload all the files again.
I never did that of course, I just stopped the torrent, moved the old files to the new torrent dir, forced a re-check and then erased the old torrent. This was quite cumbersome, but effective.

Suddenly, a few months ago, something changed while I didn't touch a thing...

When I then downloaded the updated torrent file uTorrent 'saw' the old files and asked if it should re-use the files already present and just add the new files to it. Wonderful!

It did this over and over again... until it suddenly stopped and I don't understand why...

Did something change in an update of uTorrent? (I have autoupdate on).
Is it a certain setting in the making of the updated torrent file that enables this?
How can I regain this super functionality?!?

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