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Why does 'checking' take so long?


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I download my torrents to a network drive and if ever I loose connectivity to the drive while μTorrent is running all the active torrents need to go though a 'checking' phase when the drive becomes available again before resuming the download.  I guess this makes sense but it takes a damn long time to do!


It started 'checking' a fairly large download this morning and after several hours the "Checked" field seemed to be stuck on about 60%, so I shut down μTorrent and started it again.  It ticks through the 100% complete files fairly quickly but absolutely bogs down after a time.  Ah hour after I restarted I see it's now at 38.7% and ever so slowly crawling along so presumably it will eventually get to 100% but why does this take so damn long.  Accursed me for restarting it when it was at 60%!!!


Is there anything I can do to skip or speed up this checking?

At this rate the day will be over before the download resumes and I'll no doubt have to go through the same process tomorrow and be caught in a never ending cycle.

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