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RSS needs to be added twice


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Hi All,


So I have a problem which no amount of searching will provide an answer. I much prefer doing a search and reading than asking but when times ares hard we must all do the things we enjoy least.


When I add new RSS filter in the RSS downloader I do the following:


Options>RSS Downloader> Add> *type name/details in*> click close


When I open the RSS downloader the details I have just typed are blank and I have to re-add them. 


I would request a future addition would be a to have a save button as when you close or click on another RSS filter it will blank the one you have just made.


Sometimes I have to create the RSS filter 2 or 3 times.


Does anyone else have this issue or a solution?



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It's a bug, one of many known with the RSS downloader. To bypass it, before you enter you data, just remember to select the new filter (on the left) and move up to the previous one, and back to it with the up-down arrows. Now the data you enter will stay in place...


I know, strange behavior. Seems that these RSS bug-fixes are very low in priority...

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