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how to seed with files not obtained with utorrent


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I have tried to download a few files with uTorrent, but we are only peers on it so I wasn´t  able to get the full files (sometimes 86%, or 32%, and so). (I have downloaded and seeded a lot of files without any problem, but I´m not talking about them now).
I was able to get them from direct download from a kind user that gave me the urls.
Now I would like to seed those torrents I know they have a lot of peers but no seeds with the files I´ve got. ¿it´s that possible? if yes ¿how do I do it? ¿how do I "inform" those peers in order they can be seeded?.
It would be my first time creating a torrent, please be patient with me.
Thanks a lot


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thanks, located.

I´ve tried with no success.
those are the instructions:

  1. In µTorrent, click File > Add Torrent (no default save)
  2. Desplácese al archivo .torrent que desee compartir y selecciónelo.
  3. Desplácese a la carpeta donde se encuentran los archivos y seleccione la carpeta

    when I select the torrent file it doesn´t ask me when the file is, so I cannot select it (neither the folder).

    those are the choices for "add torrent": ctrl+O  ctrl+U  or ctrl+D. I´ve tried with the tree. No one works. a window appears that says (more or less)" this torrent it´s already on torrent´s list. do you want to add the trackers?". neither works to say yes or no. I cannot find the option "add torrent (no default save)"

    please help, as DreadWingKnight said I don´t want to create new torrents but using the ones already exists.
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may be this is a way to solve it.
It didn´t work for me, but may be for you can be ok.
token from http://www.reddit.com/r/torrents/comments/22m4k2/hey_there_just_wondering_whether_it_is_possible/

Dyalibya 1 punto

9 días


How to get the old torrent files back into the torrent ?

1-Download the same torrent file/magnet link you used to download the file and start the torrent , You can use a different source but you have to compare the hash

2- Once you see the file at 1 % , Close Utorrent (kill the task)

3-Then go to the new file/files you are downloading , delete it and replace with your old file/files

4- Lunch Utorrent , Click the Torrent and select to force Recheck


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If you're merging files in from an external source that match an existing torrent, you shouldn't make new torrents for them. You should instead follow the migration guide to integrate the files into the torrent you have loaded.


I´ve seen this is a recurrent question users made and a recurrent answer you give.

On the current version the option "add torrent (no default save)" has dissapeared.

may be another way to do it?

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on File there are:
- add torrent Ctrl+O
- add torrent (choose save dir) Ctrl+D
- add torrent from url Ctrl+U
- add RSS
- Add dispositives
- create new torrent
- log out


- add torrent (choose save dir) Ctrl+D --> I guess it´s what you mean, but it´s not the "old "add torrent (no default save)". Clilking on this take you to the folder where you want to take the torrent from. If you choose one torrent file, then it tells you already have it. " this torrent it´s already on torrent´s list. do you want to add the trackers?". neither works to say yes or no. I cannot choose the complete file to seed neither.

I can see there are more users in the same situation. We are looking for the procedure you put on the migration manual, but we have no sucess with the options we met.
It´s something about the current version 3.4.1. or I´m more dummie than I though :(


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thanks DreadWingKnight
I prefer then creating my own torrents.
I´ll search how to communicate the rest of the peers those new torrents are available.
It´s a pity it was such a difficult process, the idea was simple, keep sharing.
anyway, thanks for your time
Its there a way to close the topic?

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