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What can cause my client to snub while seeding?


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My understanding of snub is if a peer raises a D flag but doesn't actually download within 60 seconds, then my client sets the S flag and refuses upload to the peer.  The situation I'm seeing now is my client has the complete torrent and is in seed mode, no more download needed.  However, there's a peer clearly in need of bytes who is requesting upload (small u), but my client has the S flag set and no bytes are being sent.  What conditions could cause my client to do that? (My client is 3.3.2 whereas the peer is 3.4.1.)  It has the appearance of some kind of deadlock.


Finally stopped the torrent, waited 60 seconds, and restarted.  The S flag was then gone and normal upload kicked off to the same peer.  See if it happens again.

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