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uTorrent UI Doesn't Handle High DPI Well


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I use Windows 7 on my machine and have just changed my screen resolution to 1920x1080. Since the monitor is far from me, I increased the DPI ratio to 200% (by going to Display in the Control Panel and clicking on Set custom text size (DPI)).


Things look weird, but generally good. However uTorrent doesn't handle this very well, causing the left-hand folder tree's items' texts to be larger than their bounding boxes.


Rather a minor issue, but visually annoying.


Attached a screenshot showing the issue.





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I could not replicate the issue in uTorrent (the latest stable version at the time of posting). I am running Windows 7 SP1 (x64) fully updated, and I set my DPI to 200% via Control Panel | Display | Set Custom Text Size (DPI). I did not notice any clipping of the text in the sidebar.


I see from your screenshot that you are using uTorrent 3.3.2. Have you tested this in the latest version?


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+1. I can confirm that uTorrent does not handle high desktop DPI settings well, however after investigation, this appears to only occur when using a non-Aero desktop theme.


Aero theme (scaled interface - note the text is blurry, but the icons look the correct size)




Basic theme (scaled fonts - note the text is crisp, but the icons look quite small)




NOTE: Both these images are of a uTorrent window maximized on a 1600x900 desktop at 200 DPI. The only difference was the theme being used when uTorrent was started. The images were reduced to 1024x576 64-colour PNGs to save space.


It would appear that when using the Aero theme, Windows 7 scales the interface to the correct size based on the DPI, however this scaling blurs the interface in the same way upscaling an image does. When using a non-Aero theme, uTorrent has to do the scaling and only scales the text. Whilst that means the text is crisp and clear, it does mean that the bounding boxes for everything have to be calculated, and this is probably where the problem lies.


[EDIT: Just corrected the uTorrent version from to, and fixed some spelling mistakes.]

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