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Torrents not showing up on utorrent


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Hello all,


Since yesterday, my dowloads do not show up on utorrent anymore.But they are still downloading and they are writen on the left hand in "torrents" but when I click on it nothing happens....


Is there anything I can do?


Or would it be easier to delete utorrent and download it again? I try that but it download again as it was before it, torrent, trouble and all....


Thank you for your time

I hope that you will be able to help me...

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For the last 3 months Utorrent randomly places new torrents into a ¨hidden folder¨ under the Labels directory.  I just updated to 3.4.1RC hoping to finally put an end to this but instead i have lost the hidden folder and  I am unable to see or find torrents that I asume are being placed here.


rebooted and hidden folder label is back but still dont understand how to stop utorrent from placing new torrents in to this location

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