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Download stop at 99.9 or 99.8%


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Before assuming it's incomplete, when you get 99.9% or 99.8% try this:

  • Stop the torrent
  • Force Re-Check the torrent
  • Start the torrent

You don't have to wait for Force Re-Check to finish before doing Start.


Out of all the times I've had a torrent stop at 99.x%, far more often than not it's not because pieces are missing, it's because the torrent needs to be "recalibrated", so to speak. Here's a made up example that nonetheless resembles a situation I've had a few times, albeit not necessarily with the same numbers:



Torrent is at 99.9% and also shows 512 KiB are left to download (assuming you show the "Remaining" column)… Stop, Force Re-Check, Start, it "resynchronizes" and now shows only 64 KiB remaining, at which point it downloads those final 64 KiB and terminates successfully.


What is happening, which I hypothesize might happen with very, very fast download speeds, is the torrent accumulates a small (less than 1 MiB) discrepancy between the stated % complete and the actual amount (usually in KiB) left, and doing what I said forces it to realize this and readjust itself.


Yes it can be an incomplete torrent, but in my experience forcing it to Re-Check solves it more often than not.


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