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Maximum size of a torrent


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What is the maximum size of a torrent uTorrent can download?


I have made some movies with a few friends and we would like to share them, but we also want to make sure that people can actually get them :)


I might have missed it somewhere.




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What do you do when your hard drive is already in NTFS format, you have more than enough room in your hard drive, and you're still getting that error? This is happening on a Windows 7 PC. Never had that problem before.


I'm sorry I was looking through different message boards at the same time. This error: File exceeds filesystem size limit.

Again, this is happening on Windows 7, got more than twice the necessary space available on the hard drive, and it IS NTFS


EDIT: Nevermind, it was a stupid oversight on my part. For some reason uTorrent was attempting to save to a memory stick (I have a Sony VAIO). I also learned that even though I changed the desination folder under Preferences, I still had to manually change the destination folder for the download that I had previously attempted.

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