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Help with Seeding Goal: default unlimited with 150% and stop for some?


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Hello, I'm using uTorrent 3.4.0 30660 on Windows and I want all my seeds to be unlimited regarding minimum ratio, minimum seeding time, minimum number of available seeds and when torrent reaches the seeding goal *except* for select new torrents that I'd like to stop at a ratio of 150%.


I've tried several combinations of settings in the global Options, Preferences, Queuing section and in a torrent's specific Properties, General, Seeding Goal with no luck.


My last failed attempt was: global ratio -1, time 0, seeds 0, limit 0 and a specific torrent ratio 30800 (when it's ratio was 30.700), time 1 and seeds 1. Nothing happens with these settings when a ratio of 30.800 is passed, there's 10+ seeds and another minute goes by.


Thanks for any help on this.

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@DreadWingKnight: Did you also tell uTorrent what to do when the seeding goal is met?

Yes, I believe so.

@DreadWingKnight: Screenshot showing preferences - queueing please.

Both the global prefs and the specific torrent's prefs are below. The goal is for all torrents by default to run with no limit and just some specific torrent's to stop at a ratio of 150%.







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Thanks!!! My math was off - I needed 30.8 (ratio) * 100 (1x = 100%) = 3080% for the stop threshold in this test case.


Interestingly, the per-torrent override settings of Minimum seeding times (minutes) and Minimum number of available seeds don't have to be set. I put them both at 0 and (correctly!) set the % and the torrent stops the moment the ratio % is hit.


It would be nice to have a per-torrent override setting for When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal but this setup will work great for me.


Thanks again for looking at these settings and pointing out my math issue!

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