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usefulness/purpose of ipfilters - basics of torrenting


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OK - hypothetically...


1. New matrix 7 movie came out and I was seeding it.

2. But in all of my wisdom I had an ipfilter.dat with many IPs blocked.

3. An FBI agent joins the swarm and asks a tracker for a list of peers.

4. He gets the list with me as a seed

5. Tries to connect to me but my ipfilter does not let him as he is on my blacklist




What is the point of ipfilters if the FBI agent sees MY ip and sees that I am seeding the file that he requested? Isn't it a definite proof of me being illegal?


Would appreciate if some knowledgeable individual would enlighten me regarding the indepth torrent workings or confirm that I got it right and ipfilters are useless :)



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Getting a list of IP's from a tracker isin't proof that any specific IP is uploading (providing copyrighted material). Many IP's are assigned dynamically and change rapidly. Anyone seeking to bring a legal action against the user of a given IP must have proof that a host using the IP is indeed acting as a source of copyrighted material, and they must try to connect to that host and obtain at least some of the material from it. The time and date of that attempt will be recorded along with the IP to be able to seek the identity of the customer using it from the ISP.

And by the way, I don't think the FBI would be the agency performing investigations on torrents and trackers unless the material in question pertains to terrorism in some way. Ordinary copyrighted material is civil law matter, and private corporations are the ones that troll through torrents looking for copyright violations.

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