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Using magnetic links


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Hi everyone,


I'm pretty sure this is a Safari problem but I can't find anywhere how to fix it and since I only use uTorrent for downloading, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.


I got a MacBook Air 10 months ago and I just downloaded uTorrent and it all worked, I could click on magnetic links and they would just jump straight into uTorrent and start going.


A couple of days ago I had to do a factory reset.  I did the same as last time and just downloaded uTorrent, expecting it to all just work but I can't use magnetic links.  When I try click on the links they just open to the "top sites" screen, which isn't set up to open under any of the circumstances in preferences (New windows open with "Homepage" etc).


I've also noticed that before I could click on a download link and it would open straight in uTorrent, whereas now it drops into my torrent downloads folder and uTorrent picks it up from there.


I know I'm missing a setting but I can't find it.  Can anyone help please?


Currently I'm using

OSX Version 10.9.2

Safari Version 7.0.3 (9537.75.14)

uTorrent Version 1.8.4 (29971)




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Thanks tawooded, I did look on the communities but I must have been searching for the wrong thing.  The Genius that did all the setting up on my computer really should have known that.


Appreciate you taking the time to help!

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