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uTorrent stops working after waking up from sleep/hibernation


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This is an issue I have noticed with versions 3.3.1 and 3.3.2. [edit] also happens on 3.4.1 [/edit]


What happens is that when my laptop wakes up, and it wakes up at a different location from where it went to sleep, say moving from home to office, so the IP address changes, and it is at this point when it just stops working. It does try to download pieces, but these are stuck in what it looks like an infinite loop, because validation on that piece always fails. Also when adding torrents in this state via magnet links, the torrent is stuck downloading metadata which never finishes. The only solution to this issue is to exit uTorrent, and after it completely finishes, start it back up again, and this time, everything starts working again. The odd thing is that when doing an ip address change without going to sleep, the program works fine. I have tested this by connecting to a VPN, and then disconnecting without missing a beat.


I have enabled uPnP and NAT-PMP as well as Add Windows Firewall exception checked, as well as randomizing the port in order to resolve socket issues when I restart the service. I have gotten used to doing this each time I "move", but it would be nice to restore previous behavior and let uTorrent restart without issues after an IP address change when waking from sleep mode.



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