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Queue numbers skip #1


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I've tried looking for others having the same problem, but either nobody does or I can't express it properly, so feel free to redirect me to the right place.

More to the point, the bug:


When I add a new torrent, the usual window that show the contents of the torrent as well as options to change name, etc. appears. As I never actually change this, I press OK and the download starts as it should. However, from 2 or 3 weeks ago (can't recall exact date), new torrents begin in position #2 in queue, and subsequent torrents added are added to #3, #4, etc. In essence, new torrents skip #1, as if something was already in that position.


If I, on the window to change name, etc. check the "Add to top of the queue" box, and then press OK, the torrent starts at #1 as it's supposed to. However, any other downloads in the list go down one position, again as if something else was occupying the position. To make it clearer: assuming I have 3 downloads aaa, bbb and ccc already downloading in positions #2, #3 and #4, as per the bug, and I want to add a new one zzz to the top of the queue. After checking the appropriate box and pressing OK, the list shows I have zzz in #1, aaa in #3, bbb in #4 and ccc in #5, and no #2.


Windows 8.1 Pro

µtorrent version 3.4.1 (build 30888) stable

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