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Suggestion #1 : regarding super-large torrents


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I thought I'd take two minutes to provide some feedback.


First and most important thing, even I, as an experimented internet user, found myself confused with µtorrent, when I tried to download, and then seed once the transfer was done, a SUPER HUGE torrent, composed of several dozens of files and weighing around 230 GB.


I saw the program freeze for a certain time. And then the program seemed to do nothing with the torrent, seeding only started much later. I guess it must have been about calculating file hashes, who knows. Sometimes, as I wanted to resume the torrent after starting my PC (I can't pretend I can download 230 GB in a single day), the torrent would also take forever to resume. While, me, I was wondering "what the heck ?!?".


So, here's my suggestion : in special cases where operations supposed to take seconds may take hours, utorrent really should provide more information, at least an information balloon in the tray/taskbar, something like that. To tell :

« Don't panic, this is normal.

Here's what we're doing.

It's necessary (or not : and then, here's how to save time).

As soon as we're done, the torrent starts, hang in there ! »


Otherwise, many people will simply give up, thinking the program is broken.


Good evening everyone !

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