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uTorrent 3.4.x (stable and beta) crash


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I've just upgraded to 3.4.1, and the app keeps crashing after 1-2 mins. It's crashing with an invalid memory access at ntdll.dll (I know, not very helpful).


I can always replicate this when I open uTorrent, and then add a new torrent. The app will always crash after 1-2 mins.

I've tried downloading 2 torrents, and then adding 2 new torrents. When the app crashes and I reopen it, the newly added torrents are removed, and only the two original torrents remain.


I got no problem whatsoever with version 3.3.2.


I went to check the troubleshooting FAQ topic, but all the "Helpful links" are broken


My system specs are:

* Intel i7, 12GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro English 64-bit SP1

* I'm using ESET Smart Security as my antivirus software

* My ISP is OTENet (Greece)


I've tried the following versions:

* 3.4.1 Build 30888  -----> crash

* 3.4.1 Build 30946 (Beta)  -----> crash

* 3.4 Build 30635  -----> crash

* 3.3.2 Build 30586  -----> works fine


I've tried toggling the following preferences, but the app still crashes:

* Advanced -> Disk cache -> Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing (disabled -> enabled)

* Advanced -> disabled all btapps settings (auto_update_btapps, auto_update_btinstalls, enable_activex)

* Advanced -> diskio.coalesce_writes (enabled -> disabled)

* Advanced -> peer.disconnect_inactive (enabled -> disabled)

Advanced -> bt.use_similar_torrent_data (enabled -> disabled)

Advanced -> choker.slots_auto (enabled -> disabled)


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Thanks for your quick response :)


In Advanced, I got the following cache-related options:

diskio.cache_reduce_minutes -----> 9

diskio.cache_stripe -----> 128

diskio.coalesce_write_size -----> 2097152

diskio.max_write_queue -----> 32


Also, in Advanced->Disk cache I get 128MB in the automatic cache size. I checked on another PC, and I noticed that this is automatically set to 32MB. Not sure how that's calculated, should I try and manually set it to 32MB and see what happens?


(Edit: Note that I'm currently using version 3.3.2 build 30586, not sure if that makes any difference for these numbers)

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