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Torrent files not containing the "info" key can't be opened


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A torrent file only containing the data provided my a magnet link can't
be opened in uTorrent 1.9 under OS X.
This is how the file is created in Ruby (the "info" key isn't provided).
raw = {  "announce-list"=> [["udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80"]],  "magnet-info"=> {    "display-name" => "My test file",    "info_hash"=> "\xBA4\x8CIV\xE5\fwI\x0E\x15\xED\xC5\xFEY+\b\xE0y\e" }}.bencodeFile.write("test.torrent", raw)


In Transmission the file is handled as a meta link, but in uTorrent i get this error.
I've provided an example torrent file as an attachment.



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