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Version 3.4.1 Built 30888 UP


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I have been using uTorrent for few years now, and just after version 3.3.1 I notice that every torrent is sent to Labels specifically Hidden, I didn't mind about that... the problem started in v3.4.1(b 30888) it doesn't download anything, it get stock in searching, so to solve that I was running it on compatibility mode XP P3... it seems to work "fine"... then I upgraded to v 3.4.1 (b 30951), same problem but worst, it didn't work at all, so what I did was a bold move, I was running it as an administrator with that at least I was able to see the torrent list but same, stock in searching peers....
3.4.1 B30888 -> Sort of worked for some time then it stops..
I even when for the nightly build 3.4.1 B30951 didn’t worked at all...
I ran it on compatibility mode, as an administrator, fresh install... and what not... so the final solution was to downgrade to V3.4.1 B30740 and is working just fine...

So I wonder what makes this behavior... one day is working fine, the next you have to do magic to make it work... why?

For me, V3.4.1 B30740 is stable and working without a hint...

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