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I experience the same change, now I can see a lot less torrents at the same time as before.

Please change it back to the original "normal" height, or give us at least an (advanced) option 

to use normal line height for display of the torrents.

Higher lines do not add new functionality, nor do they add to the style of the program.



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  • 3 months later...

It just got even worse.  I upgraded to a newer 3.4.2 build and the left hand category area ballooned.  (Though perhaps that's because the compact category list option is suddenly broken?)


I would really, really, really, appreciate options which allow compacting the user interface.  There is no reason at all that between each category lies more than a full line of space.  It's just wasteful.  (And this is even after having upgraded from a 19" to a 27" monitor.)

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