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My torrentes are gone! :(

Lady Leela

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Hi, everybody.


I confess I was feeling a deep loss, and had no idea where to seek help.

See, I have been using utorrent for quite a while, but just in the last weeks,

suddenly my torrents disapear forever and I have no idea how to continue

from where Iwas.

I am trying to download a heavy torrente (about 25 gigab) and as my internet

is not so fast, you can imagine what a pain it was when I was already retrying

to downlload after my torrents disapeared for no reason, and my download was about

75% (omg, It´s almost done) and then AGAIN, the torrent disapeared with all the

other torrents in my list.


Please, what is going on, and how to prevent this from happening? It´s too frustating! :(



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