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3.4.1 (Build) 30888) 32bit: Move Up Queue not functioning


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Hi there,


Suddenly over the past few days, the Move Up Queue button is not functioning correctly.


Now, if I select a single download, if i click Move Up Queue, the download will advance one space and then become unselected.


If I select a range of downloads, the function works as it should.


However, if within that range, the single download is selected, it will not move.


If I select a single download from within the range that was moving correctly, it too will be deselected after a single move and then, if it is selected within the same range, it too will move once with the range and then become deselcted.


Windows 7, all updates, 64 bt.

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I apologize for replying without any helpful information but I am having the exact problem and also on windows 7 32bit. Just to add I can still use shift+up/down arrow to move a single file to the top or bottom of the list but, even then, it becomes unselected afterward.

Hope a fix arrives soon. Moving through a 684 file list one step at a time is no fun.

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