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Download speed on all torrents 2-3 kB/s for days


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Hi there,


I'm hoping someone can lend a hand here.


In short, my download speeds have been non-existent for several days now (Tuesday through to this morning). Every so often they will peak but after 10 seconds or so will drop back to down to around 3k.


I've made no changes and having contacted my ISP (Virgin) have been told by two staff there's no traffic management currently in place on my account or in the area. Moreover, if I perform a couple of download speed tests I get the 30 mB/s as expected.


I've attempted downloading torrents from various locations - Ubuntu, Private/Public trackers etc. - but to to no avail.


All the obvious stuff has been done already: reboot router, reconfigure broadcast channel, try downloading over ethernet (I use wireless), but again no improvement.


I suspect the problem *could* well be something to do with my ISP/locale but first wanted to check here to see if there is anything someone would recommend before I look into it more closely with them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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The problem seems to be client-related. I took my laptop over to a friend and was faced with the same issue: 2-3 kbps through uTorrent. When I downloaded Transmission and tried it at both locations, with the same torrents from various trackers, my speed returned to normal.


The question now is how do I get uTorrent working properly again? 

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