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Creating Multiple Torrents for Multiple SItes


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My problem is:


I created a torrent with all the files needed to root and fix a Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. I wanted to upload to as many sites as possible to increase popularity and maybe get others to do the same.


Within uTorrent, i created 1 torrent file for each of the torrent sites i was using. One of these torrent sites required that i add a file in to the  directory where my phone files were located within the torrent in order for my torrent to show up on their site.


Now, do i have to add that file to that folder and recreate ALL of my torrents and then go back to each site, delete my uploaded torrent and description, and then re-upload that one torrent to all? Can using one torrent cause issues with trackers from other sites?


One more thing... How do i get each torrent site to update how many seeds their REALLY are? Some show 1 or 2 and i actually have around 11 seeds and 30 leeches.


I know that is a lot but i want to know the best way to fix this. I put a lot of time in to trying to properly upload these torrents and i'm having problems.



Are there any good uTorrent mIRC servers/rooms for technical questions like this?

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Unless it's a really good method of rooting, use Saferoot instead, it's harmless and works on many devices: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2565758

If it's a serious project, use XDA and attach the file in a topic on their forum.


The checksum may mismatch if you have it on different trackers that requires strange files.

This has nothing to do with my questions. I asked if i needed to create a separate torrent file for each torrent file i'm using to upload to each torrent site.

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If the tracker URL is different, yes.

Unless you leave it empty and they add it auto when you upload it, then you can use the same for each tracker.

Yea but...


Rooting my phone has nothing to do with my torrents.


I am uploading the torrents from my PC. Not my Galaxy S3 or S4 ... The torrents contain specific files for those phones.,

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