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Test says "Port is not open", but it is.


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I am using a VPN service that supports port forwarding.  I have configured it to forward the port that uTorrent chose for itself.  The Network test in the Setup Guide says "Port is not open".  My VPN has a port forwarding test program that can listen to any port.  With uTorrent not running, I told the test program to listen on the port that I set up for uTorrent.  I was thinking I would have to check it from my VPN's Web site, and that works.  But, to my surprise, I could also see the occasional bittorrent request coming in (since I am seeding some torrents).  Both the test program and uTorrent have been enabled in Windows Firewall for UDP and TCP on public and private networks.  So what could be causing uTorrent to think that the port is not open?


I am probably missing something; but I have run out of ideas.  Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


It occurs to me that maybe I needed to configure something under Proxy Server.  I doubt it, since a VPN is something else.  But, if so, I have no idea what to put there.


I am also curious to know if there is a way to tell, for any connection, whether that connection was initiated remotely or from my end.  (That is obvious with Vuze (which I have abandoned); but I don't know how to see it with uTorrent.)


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I was able to learn that the "I" flag for a connection means that the connection was incoming - i.e., remotely initiated, as I described the concept in the last paragraph of my initial post.


It turns out that a very large fraction of my connections have the "I" flag set.  So clearly my port forwarding is working, unless I have not correctly interpreted the meaning of the flag.


The question that remains:  Why does the builtin port-forwarding test fail consistently? 


As things stand, running that test may only promote unnecessary anxiety.

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Bump for relevancy.
I've been scratching my head about this for quite a while now and haven't been able to find a plausible explanation for the utorrent test telling me my port is closed while every other port checker tool tells me it can see services behind it. Could anyone please confirm of deny this is a bug or elsewhat disfunctional issue or explain what exactly this thing is we're looking at?
EDIT: So apparently, people have been confirming this being a disfunctional functionality of utorrent for several releases now, for instance here, here and here. I've even seen somebody state ''they are working on it I believe", which is probably true, but I figure they're either working on this issue like up to twenty seconds a month or this is a software engineered can of epic proportionate worms, naturally lying beyond my humble mortal grasp. Even so, why leave this thing in, which, as DrHow justly said

may only promote unnecessary anxiety.

I guess as long as this is not resolved or covered up, the list of dupes to this thread 'll be growing...

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