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Files start from very beginning after crash


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I have a uTorrent 3.4.1 (build 30888) [32-bit] on an XP OS. I had a hyper heated laptop crash, following which the files I was downloading via uTorrent started from the beginning. Now the problem is that these two files are extremeley large (one 17 GB and the other is over 50 GB) and I had almost finished the first one and about 20% of the second (and I don't have that speedy connection). What is even more annoying is that I still have the already downloaded torrent parts in the Temp directory, the problem is that as though UTorrent is unable to see them or connect to them, can anything be done to recover those parts. I'd really appreciate it if the solution is not technically complicated for I'm not an expert. Thnx in advance. 

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