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Just stopped being able to download out of the blue


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I was downloading the second season of Chicago Fire.
It downloaded 16 episodes but decided that it was going to error 17 18 and 19.
So I left it alone last night thinking I chose a bad uploaders file.

So tonight I come back and try to download the shows I normally watch and it did the same thing.

It starts to download it and then after it gets to 0.1 it gives me.....

Error : The system cannot find the path specified. (Write to Disk).

I checked the FAQ's and it said that I needed to shorten the path.

Well, 1. I don't know why after 10,000 downloads I would need to shorten a path
2. I did that and it still did not fix the issue.
3. I also downloaded a new version and installed it to no avail.
4. I also tried another torrent site to no avail.

I could understand if I did something that messed it up and didn't know it. But I was watching a show while attempting to download 20 episodes and it got 16 of them and failed on 3 of them. The last three. Which makes no sense.

What the heck could possibly be wrong?


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Ok, Oddly I am able to right click on the file after trying to download it and then go down to advanced, then set download location, choose the location my files have always downloaded into which is the download folder, and then they will download.
But then once I do that it doesn't fix all files. It only fixes that one.

Why would the download location change out of the blue? And where do you change it for all files? 

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