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Performance problems: new computer, argh!


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I bought a new computer (€ 2300) with pretty much the best stuff  you can get nowadays. I keep having utorrent performance issues, eventually leading to a BSOD on windows 8.1

This is caused by tcpip.sys, I think it has something to do with Utorrent, because i keep having the disk cache on 100% constantly on big torrents.


Please see below:



The specs:



My previous computer (which I ran 2.2.1 on) never had problems. I downloaded the new utorrent for this computer (3.4.1 I think) and all these problems appear on big files.

Anyone has any solutions? uTorrent starts eating up memory eventually, Norton warns me on the disk usage, then it eats up all my RAM and a BSOD occurs if I do not shut down uTorrent.


Thanks in advance!

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Additional post: on smaller torrents (<10 GB) it hangs for a bit on the cache and then goes up in speed (around 10-15 mb/s max).

Eventually Norton will appear due to memory usage, see below:



Full Norton report:



Screenshot after ignoring Norton (note: the memoryusage still is high, around 15-20% CPU usage)



What I find weird is that windows is saying I get 100 memory errors per second, see below (on the right):



Hope this makes it clearer! Looking forward to help :)

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Have you also tried with the latest beta/RC? And with my settings...?

In my experience 10-15M is the max you can get with uT ATM with multi-files torrents.

Your best practise settings.dat got me this:


Took about half a minute.

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show the categories pane... and find out why the speed on the status bar is not the same as on the main view.... There are your specific tuning to do there, you know (speeds/limits, paths etc)...


Edit: and check your disk for performance with some other external tool...

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