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Force set Torrent to "Finished"


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I want to change a Torrent which has gone to Error: Invalid Download State, try Resuming. To Finished.


I merely want it to Think it's finished, as i accidentally resumed it even after i deleted the files, but i want it to be on Utorrent as i save everything there (Like a file list with dates).


I guess i would have to modify the resume.dat or something, but i have no idea hwat to change, i tryied looking around but couldn't figure it out.


Would be much appreciated, as i find it quite frustrating.



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The thing is, the files isn't completed, it Was completed.

The files aren't even there.


I just want it to stay finished, think of it as a log telling me, oh i have finished that before one time.

It's sort of a personal "diary" for some stuff, hard to explain.


So i just want it to say Finished, i don't care that the files aren't there as before.

And i also want it to say 100%, so preventing download of the files is not the solution to force it.

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Perform a recheck, start it, let it download the meta-data and create the file structure, stop it, manually copy the completed files back into the file structure, recheck it again (should be at or near 100%), then start.  When it declares it's finished, done!

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