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torrent save location randomly changing


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novice user here. (win7 pro, 64bit, utorrent 3.4.1 build 30888)


so i had my utorrent client setup pretty simply; auto load torrents from a miscellaneous "downloads" folder, and save the actual data after download completes in another folder called "movies and music". (both of these folders are on the D drive)

these settings are very important since my OS is installed on a small SSD, and my main storage is my 1TB HDD.


so the problem is that randomly the save data location will go back to the C drive under C:\users\username\downloads. this causes my sdd to fill up to max capacity almost instantly... which is obviously bad.


i have verified that the directories setting in the preferences are saved in the proper configuration, and i have verified that google chrome has the download location correct as well. in the past, i have uninstalled and reinstalled utorrent to fix this problem, but i was hoping someone might have a clue as to what is really going on here.


a link to a relevant article would suffice, i tried to look for it and could not find anything closely related enough to be of any help. much appreciated!

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well yeah, i would think that the saved settings under preferences>directories would work, but even when those settings show good config, i still find saved data on my C drive.
i have found that when the bug occurs, if i right click on an active torrent and click "open containing folder" it will open a file browser directed towards C:\users\username\my documents.
this absolutely baffles me because "my documents" was never a target for Utorrent to begin with... or is that the default save data location once the torrent completes???
i have tried adding the checkbox in preferences>directories called "put new downloads in:" and pointed it to the same "movies and music" folder on the D drive. but this also seems to have no affect.
please help anyone, i cannot download anything to watch since it all goes to my c drive and cannot finish the download due to insufficient space
more info, possibly irrelevant:
win7 pro x64
utorrent 3.4.1 30888
no anti virus
2x intel 120GB SSD - Raid 0
(OS currently= 150GB including origin and steam, roughly 70GB remaining) i need a fresh install, i know
1x WD black 1TB HDD
I5-3570k 4.5 GHz
gigabyte z77x-ud3h mobo

16GB gskill sniper RAM
amd r9 290

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after typing that last comment, i went through it all to verify my facts, and found that the wife had install microsoft security essentials and must have forgot to mention it to me. i uninstalled it, and now the downloads seem to be in the correct place again. not entirely sure how MSE had anything to do with download and save directories, but there ya have it, solved.

thanks all!!!

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