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Upload speed becomes very slow


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I have been havin this problem since I got a my 250/100 Mbit connection. When downloading one or two torrents and I get maximum download speed my upload speed goes from lets say 5MB/s to 50-100 kB/s. This happens all the time and even when I'm seeding from one HD and downloading to another. I Have Netgear router and everything is fine when doing test download/upload test simultaneously through FTP client or web browser. So it most be something in my uTorrent settings that makes my upload speed ridiculously slow when downloading speed is fast. I have read through the guides and everything I have tried has failed. Anyone else have same issue? Or even better, a solution?!


Here is some info anout my settings.


Two cables plugged in and joined (Network Bridge). 1000 Full duplex on both.

uTorrent 2.2.1

UPnP (active)

NAT-PMP portmapping (active)

Global Maximum connections (2000)

Peers per torrent (200)

Upload slots per torrent (100)

Additional slots if upload speed <90% (active)

Apply rate limit to uTP connections (active)

Maximum upload rate (unlimited)

Seeding task have higher priority than download tasks (active)


Disk cache settings (see picture)


Advanced settings nothing special changed.



Some of the setting may seem very stupid but they worked excellent on my 100/100 connection. Had same issue but speed was more 50/50... And I'm not so good with this stuff. Google was my friend... Any help is appreciated.


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