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Stuck at "Connecting to Peers"


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I know, I know. There have been a lot of posts about this. I have read every single one I could find but it didnt fix my problem.


So. Everytime I try to download a torrent it's stuck at connecting to peers.


Here are the details:


[DHT] - working

[Local Peer Discovery] - working (it even has 1 peer, but nothing in the peers tab)

[Peer Exchange] - working

udp://tracker-ccc.de:6969 - Failure: Connection times out. (Constantly updating)


My firewall is completely shut down and I have forwarded the port (which is not randoming at start-up) through both my routers.


Sometimes it randomly starts downloading (yay!), but when I add a new one the next day, it's back at the Connecting to Peers... (ahww).


Anyone? All the torrents are healthy, I think, as they are pretty new and have enough seeds.



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I just now deleted the rules for uTorrent from the firewall, checked 'add rules to firewall' in uTorrent, exited uTorrent, enabled the firewall and ran uTorrent again. It asked me if I wanted to add the exceptions, clicked yes, but still nothing.


So at this moment, 10 secs after I posted this, it started downloading again. But I'm still not happy.


Now I can't figure out what the problem is. It just randomly starts downloading.

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I AlsO HaVe A SaMe PrObLEm My TorReNT STuK oN (CoNNeCTiNG To PeeR 0.0%) I Am Downloding

Plant VS Zombies


Name                                                           Status                                       Update in                    Seeds                       Peers           Downloaded

[DHT]                                                          Not allowed                                                                      0                              0                            0

[Local Peer Discovery]                            Not allowed                                                                      0                               0                            0

[Peer Exchange]                                      Not allowed                                                                    0                                 0                            0      //tracker.dodear.com/announce.php       Proxyconnecterror:offline(timedout)     21m 4s           0                                  0                            0




Health is Full Plzz TeLL mE HoW To FiX IT ??????????

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