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Utorrent closes when minimised


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Hey guys, i need some help. Been using utorrent for years no problems, across multiple computers without issue. 


This issue only sprung up recently and i have no idea how to fix it.


The problem is, when Im at my computer using it, utorrent works fine. However, as soon as i go to bed and switch off the monitor, and minimise utorrent to the taskbar, it will sit for (idk how long - but i dont think its very long) a few minutes before exiting out of the program. when im back in the morning, utorrent "appears" in the taskbar (in the running programs) but the second i highlight it to open it, it disappears. MY downloads havent progressed any further from when i turned the monitor off the night before. 


SO, TLDR, utorrent wont stay open after i shut the monitor off. How can i fix this?

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