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Problems with utorrent and a Network HDD


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Hey guys: 


I recently bought a Gigabyte Brix i3 processor, 4GB ram and 128 gb ssd. I've installed uTorrent and as download destination folder I have a hard disk WD 3 Tb Mycloud networked (the network is gigabit with cat 6 cables). 


The problem is when I add a torrent link to download because the program hangs for 5 minutes showing the error "Not Responding". After all this begins to download but if I stop downloading or paused the problem starts again. 


I've tried many things, I changed the cache 16-1700 and I have solved the problem of "cache overload" but freezes the system continue. 


My team is: 




4gb Ram 


128 gb SSD 


Cat 6 cables 


WD 3tb Mycloud 


Thanks for the help
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It is strongly recommended to NOT save directly to network attached storage in that manner.

If you can install a bittorrent client directly on your NAS (and I know it can, any linux powerpc compatible bittorrent client will work, I've used that particular device before) that would be the better option.

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