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Auto-load bug


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When I downloaded torrent using internet browser to the specific folder. Then utorrent would automatically load the torrent and rename it to .loaded. But new torrent is not created in the storage folder. Is it bug? After I restart utorrent, there'd be error under Status column "Error: Can't open .torrent file: D:\AAA\BBB\CCC\*.torrent"

Here's my setting

Preferences -> Folders

ticked Store. torrent files in:


Preferences -> Others

ticked Automatically load torrents in directory:


Didn't tick Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading.

I downloaded the torrent file directly into D:\AAA\BBB\CCC folder.

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i have two folders a new folder and a torrent folder.

When I put a file in the new folder, its renamed/deleted and a copy is created in the torrent folder, the expected behaviour and how it worked in 1.5.

The next time uT is opened, it tries to read the torrent file from the new folder rather than the torrent folder, which is wrong (from the error messages)

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