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My mouse is freezing


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Hi, i did a forum search and the only thing i found was the "nvidia firewall" and i don't have it.

When nothing else but uTorrent, i'm using 279mo and CPU is at 15-20.

I'm using a router but everything is downloading fine. I'm using a Logitech Cordless Mediaplay mouse. When i put a usb one with a cord, it will works but feel jerky.

I'm using firefox (not newest version). And it's usually working when i'm downloading torrent (uTorrent minimized).

Anyone can help ? Thanks !

BTW : i already tried updating my mouse driver once (had some prob with Azeurus) and it didn't fix the prob.

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Make sure your HDD is set to UDMA6 instead of PIO. (use search for instructions on how to check)


Everything is on DMA when available.... BUT, one of my IDE seems to not find it and use POI instead.

I'm gonna check the board.


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