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unable to load a torrent with new utorrent


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Recently updated to utorrent 3.4.2. from 2..2.1 ver seemgly all OK,yet when I add a torrent from a private tracker and complete the download and begun to seed , the client pop a message  like this :

[2014-06-11 08:56:37]  Error: <NULL> - Can't open .torrent file: E:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\BitTorrent\Done\xxx_gop_clip.wmv.torrent


when i download the same torrent from my folder of jobs done and try to load the torrent I have the warning :

 unable to load : xxx_gop_clip.wmv.torrent torrent is not valid bendcoding.


I have the same with few different private trackers and can't seed back.

Anyone to explain it to me and how to solve it?

Thanks for your attention.

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Chances are, the torrent itself is malformed in one way or another.

With different trackers and different torrents?. I don't think so,and besides those torrents have the same issue related to Bencoding  troubles.

When downgrade to version 2.2.1 those same torrents don't have any trouble and I can seed back with no problem at all.

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Funny, when downgraded to 2.2.1 all of my torrents went OK.

I love this version , yet according you all of my trackers are wrong and your product is right, in general I found some bugs in the last version but you and your team must solve it.

Thanks anyway.

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