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uTorrent completely shuts off computer's internet


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     Hello! I've recently had troubles getting utorrent to work properly. It seems that every time I try to download anything, my speed would go as normal, but then it would rapidly decrease into nothing, then shutting down my internet on the computer, forcing me to unplug my internet usb adapter, and replug. Sometimes it occurs faster than others, but I don't know what's the cause of such. If someone could help, I would be very thankful. This has never happened before until now, and I've been using this application for a while now.



OS: Windows

ISP: Scio Mutual Telephone Association

Version of uTorrent: 3.4.2 build 31633 32 bit

Firewall: Windows Firewall, (made uTorrent an exception) and avast antivirus

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Using what setup guide to configure uTorrent?

     I basically found a bunch of solutions people discovered, which none have worked so far. Then, I just decided to reinstall uTorrent to start over and seek personal help on the forums. I found a couple about tuning to a high port, limiting the upload and download bandwidth, etc.

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