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Unfortunately, "SEEDS" are not always seeds!


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Over and over again I run into a DL situation where "SEEDS" are consistently not uploading.  I'm fully aware that a small "d" can indicate a seed is uploading to some other peer, but that's not what I'm talking about.  Over and over again I run into situations where there is absolutely no indication whatsoever the "SEED" is actually uploading to anyone at all, just marking time.  I'm not seeing this as something even vaguely rare, but often.  It strikes me as consistent with a tendency among many to only accept DL, not allow UL to peers at all.  I'm not sure what settings effectively cause UL to cease while still enabling DL, but it's occurring to me as a plague upon the torrent community.  It's exacerbated by an apparent client behavior where if a "SEED" is connected, then it's less interested in connecting to other "SEEDS".  So, if a client latches onto a non-performing "SEED" (of which there seems to be plenty), the client tends to be limited to peer UL (thank God they're usually around).  I think the clients should be designed to hold the "SEEDS" to higher standards.  A "SEED" that doesn't further the torrent is not a seed, it's just some other kind of leech and should be ignored as soon as recognized!

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