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Bugs in all 3.4.x on Win8.1


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Hi there


I'm new to the forum and never felt the need to participate. But utorrent 3.4.x is full of bugs that really try my patience.


1) Shutdown issue: When I shutdown Windows 8.1 and utorrent is running, the computer always end up to interrupt the shutdown process. I get the "Program prevents shutdown" screen for some time, then the computer goes back to the desktop with a utorrent error splash screen telling me it hasn't been able to save the resume.dat and the option to send in the problem.

2) Sorting issue: When utorrent starts, it doesn't show the latest entry. I prefer to have my downloads sorted by completion date. But I always get to see the same download entry somewhere in between of all the other downloads. Looks like it's a random choice by utorrent.

3) Window issue: There's a windows resize issue. utorrent always causes its windows to be bigger than the screen. You can always make it smaller, the next time it starts up, the screen again exceeds the borders of the screen.


All of these bugs do not occur on earlier versions including 3.3.x.


Have a nice weekend!



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