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Formatted Drive, reinstalled Windows, Download speed Dropped


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So I formatted my drive to corrupt my computer and re installed windows.


I was using an older utorrent client for the past three years.  I had to download the new one.


Pre-formatting, my download speed would be about 1-1.4mbps for Game of Thrones torrent next day.  Currently, between 50-150kbps.  Bandwith tester says I am still at 15mbps download speed.  Same settings as the old client.  Why has the speed dropped so significantly?  I am downloading suits s04e01 too, another very popular torrent, which would normally see me download north of 1mbps, but topping out at 150kbs.  Very discouraging.  


Any thoughts?  I read all the "read this now" thread already.  Is it the new client?  I've never changed any advanced settings before, just turned DHT off.  Any suggestions on changing settings to make this normal speed again?  This is way too slow!




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