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A Speed Issue Limited To uTorrent - Speed Drops


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I have been using uTorrent for years, always successfully.  I recently have had a extremely strange problem.  I am trying to download a 58GB torrent that is 79ish percent complete.  I was consistently receiving 1.5 to 2.5MBs (very fast.)  About 5 days ago, when I launched uTorrent, it would connect to about 8-9 peers, each with a download speed of about 2kbs.  I could then watch the speed drop to 1.9 ... 1.8 ... down to 0kbs.


At first I thought that my ISP was throttling my connection.  I tried to download another torrent (small) and that download continued thru completion at over 1MBs.  I tried to complete the original torrent at a couple sports I frequent with the same results ...


I brought my machine to another state on a family trip.  Connected to their wireless and again, no change ... starts slow and drops to zero. 


Even though I had never had ANY problems with uTorrent, I tried an experiment with VUZE.  With the same torrent, it is running consistently at over 100KBs.  This indicates that the problem is within uTorrent.


Please let me know whatever information I can provide so I can help you resolve the problem.








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