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Problem with Browser and Utorrent


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Hello people. First time here so I'm sorry if i post it on a wrong section :P

Some weeks ago a problem began, i guess after i updated bittorrent, and now happen with utorrent (i removed bittorrent to try with uT).

Well, I can't run any browser ( Chrome, FIrefox, etc.) and uTorrent at same time because the browser doesn't load any website. Some friends told me that uT uses the whole bandwich and that's why can't load any page with the browser, but I have set the lower bandwich for it (up and down speed). Any idea why this happen?

PD. sorry for my poor english, tried to explain the most possible :)

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Thanks for answer.

I read careful the thread, and i think my utorrent has some issues with nod32 but unfortunately that link doesn't work. Could you help me with it?

Is the fourth message;

ESET / NOD32 users: NOD32 is known to cause slowdowns with the internet connection while µTorrent is being run. If you are using NOD32 v2.7.x, check here. If you are using NOD32 v3.x, check here.

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