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Single download very slow download Speed.


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Hi guys, probably there may have been lot of posts about this, but I searched and found nothing. (Including the pinned topics... Which are crap, since when you click the links it redirects you to the main forum page, not the actual post :|   )


Anyways, Here's my problem: I'm downloading a file, it has 14 GBS, I've been since a week downloading (I let it downloading at night), up until 90% it was ok, medium-max speed (40~160 KBps)... But after 95% it became crappy. It's downloading at 0.2~1.3 KBps, and I really cant cancel the download.. And Im freaking out as I really want that to finish. It always happens randomly with torrents, but this time it's a file too big for me to simply reset it...


But the problem is; Sometimes, rarely, it gets to 20 Kbps.. So I thought it was the connection, but when trying other torrents.. here's the result. 


Slow download file: 8f30ce406c.png

                          Or   24eea93e15.png


Other download tested: 561742fe17.png


TL;DR: Single download Slow Speed, Other's torrents working fine, confused as fck.


Btw, already configured everything according to the forum, nothing worked.



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