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v3.4.1: Starting first download of session doesn't trigger "Download" status; remains "Stopped"


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Updated to 3.4.1 recently and noticed this strange behaviour.


With any session of uTorrent, selecting to start the first download doesn't trigger the download state. Notice the 'start' button is available instead of 'stop'. You can also see that "Stopped 28.0%" is incorrect because the download is running and has 37.1%. Likewise with download speed, there clearly is traffic.


When starting a second download, this issue doesn't occur. Notice how the torrent below "A Thousand and One Nights" is correctly displayed as downloading.




Any input/advice?


Thanks for your help in advance.


PS. If it helps, I am running Win 7 SP1 Pro x64.

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So I installed 3.4.2 last night and it worked fine after first use.


After starting up my laptop and opening uTorrent this morning, the same problem from 3.4.1 is back.


EDIT: Added picture to show issue. http://i.imgur.com/Yl7ukoq.png


You can see that now there seems to be some weird colour issue for the "Availability" bar. Also when viewing any of the tabs the information is all static; nothing shows activity (e.g. changing speed or increasing download amount on 'Peer' tab, block filling on 'Pieces' tab).

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