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Port test in setup guide malfunction.


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In the new utorrent version ( the setup guide has been restored. However it appears that the port test doesn't work. Every time I run the test I get an X and a message that neither upnp nor nat-pmp is enabled. This was a problem that many people complained about in the previous versions and, as I understood, that was the reason for removing it initially. I'm pretty sure I have forwaded my ports correctly. Canyouseeme shows the port open. If I enable nat-pmp (which I believe I shouldn't since I have set a static IP) I get an orange checkmark and the message that the port is not opened. I have a green checkmark at the bottom right of utorrent but this could be also when the ports haven't been opened. I know there has been a lot of discussions over this issue but I haven't yet heard of a solution. Shouldn't this be working properly in the new version?

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