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Still unable to connect to internet


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Apologies in advance that I don't know anything about computers and probably the pertinent information to solve my issue, but I'm really worried about my computer. I'm using a Mac Book Pro bought last year 2013.


Normally I can torrent music of popular torrent sites with no problem using the default settings on uTorrent. That's in the states. Right now, I'm abroad in Central America, likely using some crappy internet provider and router and after about 13 sec of downloading a file, my internet stopped. Other people's computers are able to connect to the internet perfectly fine, but I cannot. 


I've tried the following:

Changed settings on uTorrent to lower the global connection limit and per torrent limit

Stop the torrent download and any connection to uTorrent

Quit uTorrent

Restarted the router about 8 times. It's not working!

Restarted my computer twice


I'm at a loss right now. I really need the internet back and now I'm worried that my computer caught some virus. Any suggestions would be great.


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